Playing the Arsenal way is far more than trying to be the Arsenal First team squad. The emphasis is on developing imaginative, entertaining and skilful football. Alongside this there should be an educated and disciplined approach to the physiological, nutritional and psychological aspects of the game.

Coaching Methodology

All of our coaching is specifically formulated to incorporate the current thinking and ideas being utilised by Arsenal and shared with all the club's soccer schools through regular visits by the club's coaching staff.  In all our coaching sessions there is an emphasis on passing, movement and speed.  Perhaps uniquely, this is accompanied by encouraging players to constantly think about the challenges football presents to them and how to deal with these effectively.  To this end, a great number of our practices are designed to stimulate the cognitive development of our players.

Potential Benefits

All of our players receive instruction on the value of preparing properly for games through the implementation of our guidelines on fitness training, diet and nutrition, physical conditioning and injury prevention.  In addition, we are proud of the high standards that we set our players with regard to sportsmanship and respect for football officials.  Therefore, we are confident that by joining Arsenal Soccer School Kuwait, young players will not only benefit from improved levels of skill but also an enhanced knowledge and understanding of the wider requirements of the beautiful game.


To play an active role I the advancement of football in Kuwait and to inspire creativity passion and enjoyment whilst teaching young individuals to Play The Arsenal Way .



To progress to your full potential as a football player it is vital to have the correct attitude both on and off of the football pitch.


Always respect your team mates, your opponents, your coach and the referee.


At Arsenal we believe that skills and technique are essential to inspire creativity and excitement. Be inventive with the turns and tricks you use to move the ball and use your imagination.


You need to have lots of energy to get the most out of playing football. The longer you can maintain a high level of fitness for, the more this will benefit you in games.

New thinking

Embrace your coach’s ideas and always be creative with your thoughts and express them on the field whenever you can.

All for one

Football is a team game, the more you work together the better you will be as an individual and as a team.


Never stop listening and learning how to play the Arsenal way.